Current Exhibits

Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships Entrance

Ghost Ships focuses on boats that sank in Lake Tahoe and around the US. It features boats ranging from a salvaged Washoe canoe to the internationally famous race boat Teaser. Using oral histories, underwater footage, and additional artifacts, Ghost Ships covers a broad spectrum of Lake Tahoe’s history and culture, while posing important questions about the future of those artifacts.


The main points of the exhibit are:

Histories surrounding select boats that sank either in Lake Tahoe or in other US waters

Social and legal issues pertaining to salvaging vessels

Public interaction with underwater historic sites

Display Highlights:

Teaser – 40’ 1924 Nevins Sweep-Stakes Runabout
Sunken Treasure – 14’ 1949 Baycraft Runabout
Shanghai – 25’ 1890s Steam Launch
16’ Early 1900s Pomin Rowboat
Washoe Canoe

Sunken Treasures    

Tahoe Maritime Museum  is proud to partner with Placer Arts and NCArts to host the juried art exhibit, Sunken Treasures. The goal of the exhibit is to showcase works that explore the unseen world at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. The art exhibit coincides with TMM’s history exhibit, Ghost Ships and runs until April 19, 2015.